Water Leak Detection Services

If hidden leaks remain undetected they can affect the value and integrity of your property, increase utility bills and leave you facing expensive repairs.

What are the symptoms?

  • Water bill is excessively high
  • Building fabric i.e. walls and floors are damp or discolored
  • Mould or mildew appearing or a foul musty odour
  • Radiators are partially cold
  • warm spots appearing on concrete floors
  • Radiators need frequent bleeding and water is dirty or discolored

SOS Solutions?

A water detection leak survey will need to be carried out using sophisticated equipment and methods to pinpoint the exact location of any leak(s).

An accurate survey will minimise disruption and the associated costs of finding leak(s) in comparison with traditional methods used.

Sometimes pipe leakage can be caused by pipe work corrosion and the assocaited build-up of rust, scale and sludge. This may affect the performance, efficiency and maybe also reduce the life span of your entire heating.